A guide for contributors


Tips to start writing:

My best advice is to pretend you’re writing to a close friend and be patient and kind to yourself. Don’t worry about length.

Lean in and explore your fear. How long have you been afraid of this? Does it influence your decisions? What have you learned?

Feeling stuck? Read other confessions for inspiration.

Submission checklist:

  • Name

  • Photo of yourself

  • Bio

  • Fear Confession post

Email all submission materials to fearconfessions@gmail.com

Sample bios:

1: Liz works at Braid Creative, shaping, branding and visioning for creative entrepreneurs. She lives, plays, eats and drinks her heart out in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Follow Liz on Instagram and her blog.

2: Dara Skolnick is a web designer and front-end developer who’s a very recent convert to the exciting (and, let’s face it, slightly scary) world of full-time self-employment. She feels really lucky to be building an awesome life and business, and to be doing work that helps others in the process! You can follow Dara on her blogTwitter and Instagram.

3: Nicknamed by her best friends as Leen Machine, Paulene Cruse is a designer and runner on a mission to do all things with love. Her paper goods business, Leen Machine, provides her with a creative outlet to design simple, modern pieces with pops of color.