I’m afraid of information overload

By Sara Cormier.

Having a creative business is super hard work. Hello 60-hour work week! There’s the actual creative projects that need to be completed, but there’s also accounting, marketing, social media, sales, promotions, networking, proposals and I will stop the list there. You get the idea. And for me, add a 3-year-old into the mix. I spend at least 2 hours a week watching her gallop like a horse. No joke.

In addition to running a successful business, I also consider myself an “ideas” person. Not a week goes by that I don’t find myself saying, “So, I have this idea … What if I … I could …” I think it’s safe to say that lots of entrepreneurs fall into this category. Dreamers and doers.

So, when I run across information, classes, blog posts, webinars, books and advice promising to make my business even more awesome or teach me something I don’t know, I soak it up like a sponge. I sign up for the newsletter, log in, attend, listen, read, bookmark and download. I am very thankful for all of the useful knowledge that I come across on my daily information hoarding efforts. I have certainly learned A LOT!

However, my problem is actually acting on all of this good advice. What’s the use of knowing everything but not implementing anything? What if lots of my time digging up these information gems is actually time that I should have been getting my butt in gear knocking those dreamy to-do’s off the list once and for all? What good is the best advice that goes ignored?

My fear is not implementing all of the good ideas I’ve collected due to information overload.

At this point, I should have completed at least 300 DIY projects, have a newsletter list of 10,000+ with a matching number of Facebook and Twitter followers. I should absolutely be raking in at least six figures, minimum. I should know every Illustrator and Photoshop trick and I should also be a skinny vegan with an empty inbox. Well, I’d be lying if I said any of those were true.

So, what’s a girl to do? I suppose the answer is to just get to work. Create small goals and knock ’em out. Fight the urge to constantly uncover knowledge unless there’s a real need to do so. I may want to know who’s printing cheap melamine plates … but really, do I need to know that? No.

Enough is enough. I’m starting small with this guest blog post … something that has been on my radar since December, just ask Krystle.

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Sara Cormier is the Creative Director and Owner of Cormier Creative – A Smart Design Studio located in lovely Cincinnati, Ohio with clients all over the world!

You can also find Sara on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

This Fear Confession was originally published on Happy Muses, August 20, 2013.

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