I’m afraid that my business won’t be successful

By Amy Northard.

My fear is that my business won’t be successful and I will end up back where I started. I’ll start with a little background of how I got into accounting: my dad said I should. He suggested (wisely) that it would be a good idea if I took accounting classes in high school because it would be a good foundation for what I told him I wanted to do – own my own store. After three semesters of accounting in high school and more advice from my dad, I went on to major in accounting in college. His argument that I would have good job security (in a time where the economy was taking a nose dive) was incredibly logical. After college, we decided that the next logical step was to take the Certified Public Accountant exam. I spent the next 2 1/2 years living at home and studying almost every free moment I had, while working a full time job at a public accounting firm and trying to see my boyfriend at the time. Once I passed all four parts of the exam, I was able to dream about how I could use my newly acquired skills and turn them into something I enjoyed. This past February, I quit my public accounting job, in the middle of tax season.

I know that I’m on the top of many people’s “hate” lists because of this, but I had to do it – for my sanity. I had gone through three tax seasons and was halfway through my fourth and knew I couldn’t go on and be miserable a quarter of the year, every year, forever. I had been applying for jobs since last July, but none of them really got me excited. Then, on a whim, I applied for a part-time job (that has nothing to do with accounting) at a great company. It would eliminate the non-compete issue of starting my business while at the public accounting firm and give me much more time to start my business, accounting for creatives. The time I spend on my business flies by and it has been such a fun learning experience.

But, here’s where my fear comes in. I’m scared to death my business won’t take off and I will look like a failure who has wasted her hard-earned CPA designation. I’ll be left with a part-time administration job and an expired CPA license. Or, I’ll have to suck it up and go back to a traditional accounting role of month-end closes and busy seasons.  This fear motivates me to work even harder on the business I’ve started because I never want to go back. I love this too much. I love having my own clients, working on my own marketing, and teaching people the basics of accounting so they can feel empowered and not scared of the unknown.

I won’t let my fear paralyze me and get in the way of my dreams!


Amy Northard is a Certified Public Accountant who runs her dream business – Amy Northard, CPA The Accountant for Creatives. Besides working on her business, she loves brewing beer, home-improvement projects, and trying out new recipes on her husband.

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This Fear Confession was originally published on Happy Muses, April 30, 2013.

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