Fear Confessions

Six years ago, I shared something that changed everything.

I was freshly self-employed, flitting through my days without a care in the world... if you don't count panic attacks, sleepless nights, weeks of intense loneliness or the constant feeling that everyone had their sh*t together except for me.

It all reached a tipping point when I had to call my bank to explain why I needed a line of credit for my business.

I sat there for hours, flipping the phone in my hands, as sweat dripped from my armpits. Something that came so easily to other people was intensely stressful for me.

I eventually made the call and later that evening I wrote about my experience and posted it on my personal blog under the title "Fear Confession."

I never expected people to write back, sharing that they had the same fear. It was powerful.

I started inviting others to write their own Fear Confessions and it's grown into a community of people having honest conversations about fear.


In Kindergarten, Krystle's teachers noticed a blossoming artistic talent when her Play-Doh sculptures stood out among a sea of deformed blobs.

She's pursued an art-filled life ever since, including graduating from design school and taking on the advertising world as an art director in the Detroit area.

When Krystle isn't working on her passion projectsFear Confessions and Happy Musesshe's checking things off her Yes List.